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Instead of smoking dried cannabis, the use of cannabis derivatives and concentrates like wax and shatter have been steadily gaining in popularity, ushering in a new era in cannabis culture. For recreational users, a dab rig delivers an intense yet clear-headed experience. 

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Dabbing Benefits

A dabbing rig is a clean and sophisticated way to get a powerful cannabis experience. For people who use cannabis products for therapeutic purposes, dabbing provides relief from symptoms almost instantly, as it delivers CBD and THC quickly and efficiently. 

The foremost benefit of a rig for dabs is that the process is not based on combustion. Similar to vaping, the “smoke” produced by a dab rig isn’t actually smoke, so users get only the cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, while avoiding burnt resin and plant material, as well as the hazardous particles and compounds they contain. 

Dabbing shares another similarity with vaping, in that it uses cannabis extracts, but they are far more concentrated. The high THC and CBD concentrations found in dabbing products provide advantages for both recreational and therapeutic users. 

For people seeking relief from symptoms like pain, inflammation, nausea, anxiety or difficulty sleeping a single dab could potentially be enough for hours of relief. For people seeking an altered state of consciousness, a few dabs might take you further than you expect. Inexperienced users should go slowly and tread lightly, as the powerful cerebral effects can quickly sneak up on you. 

The Essential Equipment

Dab rigs, sometimes called oil rigs, began as modified bongs, or water pipes, designed to work with concentrates instead of dry herb. Since the first tinkerers developed homemade, DIY dab rigs, specialized manufacturers have since taken up the reins in this fledgling industry and brought many kinds of dedicated dab rigs to the market.

Dab Rig

Based on traditional bong designs, you can now find a dab rig in many different sizes and styles. They go from slim, syringe-like designs for the smallest dab setups to huge glass structures that look like futuristic lab equipment for the largest dab rigs.

Dab Nail

Instead of packing a bowl like you would with a pipe or bong, a dab rig uses a “nail” to hold the cannabis concentrate. This metal component is what gets heated up to release the cannabinoids in your concentrate. They come in different sizes and designs, so finding the appropriate one will depend on your type of dab rig.  


Dabbers are the tool used to apply the concentrate to the dab nail. Cannabis concentrates vary in texture and consistency, but you will want to avoid handling them to keep your hands clean and prevent waste. Dabbers can be made from metal, glass or ceramic into virtually any shape. In the end, it’s a question of personal preference and the type of concentrate you plan to use with your rig. 


Small torches normally used for culinary or craft applications are the consensus pick to get your dabs going, but they require propane. If you would prefer to avoid buying this extra piece of equipment and its fuel, look for a dab rig that incorporates an electrically heated nail.

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